The Animals



Kitty is a full grown, one ton, long horn steer. He is a retired commercial actor who was featured in several local television spots. Kitty enjoys playing soccer and his favorite treats are Blow Pops. Unfortunately, due to his age and size he is on a strict no sugar diet. Luckily, Kitty’s only requirement in life is to relax, eat and enjoy the rest of his life in retirement. He spends his days lounging around the paddocks serving as the mascot for LCROSS Equestrian Center.


Homer is five-year-old pot belly pig. He joined the family as a young tea-cup sized piglet. Not willing to be upstaged by the dogs, Homer would often go for walks on a leash and even taught himself to sit anytime treats were around. Now our cute little piglet has turned into a full grown hog with 3 inch tusks. He will still occassionally sit for a treat, they don’t make leashes that fit him anymore. While he may not be the cutest member of the family, but he never turns down a good brushing.


Lady Lake Equestrian Center is the home of a full herd of breeding donkeys. The gestation period for a donkey is 12 months, so we have been awaiting the arrival of our newest additions for some time. But we are eager to welcome our new foals very soon.


Our herd consists of Watusi and Zebu cattle. We currently have two calves on the ground with another on the way. One is full blooded zebu and one is a zebu/watusi cross. The calves are spirited and fun but we have yet to find out what you call a cross between these breeds. A Zetusi, a Wabu? Let us know if you have any idea.